The Way I Do

Posted: May 10, 2014 in Life, Love, Pain
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I walk alone the narrow lane
With tearful eyes in heavy rain
To hide my pain that glooms my day
But you can’t see cz you are away.

And one day when I got to see you
With many faces I once knew
All I could feel was my love for you
And I quit them all in memory of you.

But how today you look the same
If you still remember my face and name
There’s no harm in being with you
Because all I want for me is you.

I stare at you if you gimme a look
Just one smile is enough to hook
If you still want the time to return
To see my face you need to turn.

You were not wrong neither was I
I am all yours, though a bit shy
But the crowd makes a wall around
And you can’t hear my frail sound.

I curse myself like it’s my crime
You must know the culprit is time
Time took you away and made me alone
But you can’t see cz you are gone.

I still pass by the same place and street
I feel you there and the memories I meet
Make me smile and make me cry
Like a bird you fly in my lonely sky.

I don’t mind because you stay in me
You are away but I still can see
You miss me often as I cry in you
Nobody can love you the way I do.


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