Moth And Fire

Posted: May 11, 2014 in Death, Life, Love, Pain
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Your thought crosses my mind
I see you and I heartily admire
Your love gives me wings
And I fly like a moth towards fire!

With hope in my heart and mind
I adore your flame and light
Thoughtlessly I fly towards you
Wonder how you look so bright!

My love grows stronger and I decide
To amalgamate in you tonight
And the aura pulls me harder
I am mad about your holy light.

As I come closer I feel its hot
But I know love never does any harm
I am ready to offer my life
I surrender to your enticing charm.

You are a flame precious and pure
I am a moth worthless and tame
I worship your radiance and glow
I am ready to lose if love is a game.

For once enter inside me
Warm me and take me higher
Open your arms and take me in
I fly like a moth towards fire!

I want to melt inside you
Grant me my final desire
I want to die inside you
Like a moth dies in fire.

  1. Beautifully written as always

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