Priya Pareek


I am a literature enthusiast, a poet, writer and an artist who has vivid interests. Being an introvert I speaks less, write more and think the most but don’t confuse me as a dull, boring personality because I can be the life of a party and smile of a dull face. As an insomniac I am someone who knows all the secrets of night and I often engage in intimate conversation with the moon and stars yet I am a dreamer, a dreamer who doesn’t need a sleep to see dreams I weave my dreams on my own.

I believe in thoughts, we attract what we think and dream about. You can call me a wayseer as well. They say people who think more are often lazy and less active but that’s not the case with me; I just can’t sit idle as I am a workaholic and trust me if you like to keep yourself busy then there is enough for you to do in this world. Write, paint, draw, walk, travel do anything you wish but never sit idle because that is one of the worst things you can do to yourself!

I have words to offer and thoughts to release. To know more about me, get connected, read and share! Leave a comment to help me know what you feel or think or just say a simple ‘Hello!’ It’s always good to interact with strangers because that is how we make friends.

I have a world of my own

where peace sings and joy dances,

where humanity rules and justice advances,

where cupids fly and angels reside,

where evils stand by angel’s side

I have my own world, my own place

Where I find peace and solace!!

Let’s Grow and Glow Together

  1. cyril says:

    Hello P4…You have a great writing here..I glad to visit here..and connect…her you mention that u speak less and write more…so write write write……and speak to in your present life…manage all our activities in same level..
    keep it up..
    Regards Cyril
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  2. Sarah G. says:

    Your writing is so touching and beautiful. I’ll be back to read more.
    All the best,

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