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Wherever I go I find at least one person I can fall in love with and that’s enough of a reason for me to be hopeful.

Hello everyone, as you all know or will come to know that I am not into beauty blogging and I only share my paintings, poetry, writings, thoughts and art works on this blog. I love to own basic beauty products and felt like sharing my thoughts on some of them that I repeatedly use. So I begin this new series of blog posts with my favorite Layer’rs Wottagirl body mist ‘Mystic Island’.

While we all love to smell good there are people like me who are highly sensitive and perfume intolerant. I keep looking for perfumes which I can wear comfortably but I could find very few. These few fragrances that I could find had one thing in common to my surprise- they all were citrus and oceanic scents and amazingly flowing water drives me super crazy.

I saw the Parineeti Chopra ad on TV a few days back and the word ‘Mystic Island’ was enough for me to try it out. When I went to my nearest cosmetics store I was super surprised to know that it was for Rs 195 only and I couldn’t be happier.
There are two more fragrances which were launched along with this- Vanilla Twist and Secret Crush. The names are quite impressive I should say.
Vanilla Twist smells of butterscotch and Secret Crush is very sweet fragrance and they are both stronger than Mystic Island for obvious reasons.

My Review
Fragrance Mystic Island

Price 195 for 135ml

Packaging- The product comes in a clear plastic bottle which looks like glass. Personally I find these bottles quite classy especially for this price. Overall the packaging is quite sturdy and that makes it travel friendly too.

Fragrance- As I mentioned earlier, the fragrance is aquatic and citrus. It is mild fragrance and feels very fresh. I would call it a luxurious blend of bitter orange, lemon, musk, aquatic and woody notes,

Staying power- it is known to all the body mist users that their staying power is very low. Generally they last 3-4 hours and I did not expect anything more from this. I keep this bottle in my hand bag and spray it twice or thrice during the day. It lifts my senses immediately and makes me feel fresh.

Overall I am super happy with this body mist as the fragrance is very refreshing. It is one of the best body mists for perfume allergic people especially for those who are on a budget. It is very close to my favourite perfume- Davidoff Cool Water for women which costs around 1600 INR.


° Mild, refreshing fragrance
° Best for perfume allergic people
° Super affordable
° Perfect for everyday use
° Suitable for all seasons
° Travel friendly light and sturdy packaging
° Aquatic floral fragrance feels fresh

° Contains alcohol

I don’t see the staying power as a con because body mists usually last for max 5-6 hours so this one does its job exceptionally well considering the price. It is a must try for all, go grab one now and tell me what you think about it in the comments.

More reviews on the way, stay connected.

Colors of Night

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Have a look at my art site and shower it with your love.



My first canvas painting.

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Into The Wild

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A man is the happiest when he knows that he doesn’t have to depend on anyone for anything. When he is fearless, careless, free and wild it is then that he is the happiest. Not in the city among the faces but there Into The Wild!

Pain of Goodbyes

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For a while he stood there gazing painfully into her eyes-
and she listened to the unspoken promises with sorrow and surprise.

She saw him vanishing into the distance and collapsed to the ground. Tears rolled down her cheeks and a beautiful poetry was formed. A poetry which was neither spoken nor written, one just had to have true love in heart to be able to feel it- something which almost everyone present at the airport lacked. People who believe that love can be achieved only by performing certain rituals can never really understand the love Radha-Krishna shared, they can never really know that love is above all these marital rituals. She was least bothered by the reactions of these people on her pathetic condition because for her the love which wasn’t imposed was more pure and precious than the one which was arranged. Her love didn’t need sanctions by priests because she believed in freeing not restricting. The poetry achieved a flow with the flowing tears and for hours she couldn’t feel anything but the pain of goodbye.

Her pain sang a song and she was poetry personified for she had love imprinted all over her soul.

Dark Descent

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When the clock struck 12
And the darkness began to rise
Our bond saw love when
Day descended into night.

In the hearts of heart
The soul made merry
The proposal was  clear
And the plans were to marry

In the silence of night
This love made some noise
It was felt by the air
When we spoke in low voice

Promises and oaths less demanded
And the faith held it strong
When souls were united
How could it go wrong!

And yet the night betrayed
In the full moon light
My star broke off
And love feel from great heights.

Day broke away from dark
And night felt alone
The union once cherished
Was perished and gone.


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In love

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A couple in love is a symbol of harmony, peace and joy. Their gleaming eyes share some sweet secrets unknown to the rest of the world. They are always so concentrated and focused when together, their love is their meditation, religion and messiah. They are always so engaged with each other as if they belong to a different world altogether, as if they belong to their own sacred world. Their laughter is musical, their exchanges are magical, they are protected and driven by their love. I am spellbound by this sight, by the way they surrender to each and by the sense of completeness which surrounds them.
Each one of them is an angel to the other.

Merry Christmas

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Ho ho ho!
As a child, I always questioned the existence of Santa Clause, I always wondered who this Santa is! This year I want to thank the almighty for making me realize that we all have a Santa in our life who secretly leaves a present for us in the socks and fills our life with hopes, happiness, positivity and joy.
There is nothing more magical than meeting your own Santa.
I love my Santa 🙂

Betryal of the Solitude

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How does it feel to have no friends at all??
I don’t think there can be anyone in this world who has no friends at all.
I don’t know if anyone has ever felt like this or not
but I feel like an alien in a foreign land. Like I had been living in a different world and I realized only this morning that nothing I possess can console me because all I posses are things and there is no life in them. A man who works so close to stones becomes a stone himself and I have become as lifeless as the things I possess.
How does it feel to find yourself alone in an overcrowded world?