Disheartened Doll

Posted: April 14, 2014 in Uncategorized


The story of a disheartened doll
A caring heart and pure soul
Solitary doll alienated and alone
Belongs to the lovely world unknown

With two dark dazzling eyes
She could bring a new sunrise
With a smile sweet and pure
All the pains she could cure.

Far from dirt, mud and sins
In her floral frock she dances and spins
Sings of the joys of today and tomorrow
so much pain in her voice so much sorrow!

She envies none and prays for all
In her dark room, divine and small
With her pens, colours and brushes
She Works like an artistic duchess

She writes of nature, man and love
She paints a pond, a tree, a dove
And dreams of angels and fairy
While the world appears dreadful and scary!

She sits at the window and looks outside
People passing by the roadside
She smiles at them and says a hi!
No one answers, they just pass by!

On her haunches, inside the room
Her tearful eyes & heart full of gloom
She imagines a world, rejuvenates and smiles
How far is it? Some meters or miles?

She dresses up and decides to leave
Her eyes shine and weave a dream
She looks into the mirror and smiles
A long long journey, millions of miles!

Away from this world away from people
Into the sea like a little ripple
She will have her own state and city
Her own world, her life, her identity!

I am a disheartened doll
Powerful wave, a ripple a roll
I don’t lose heart, I struggle and survive
I am a person, a people, a life.



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