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In love

Posted: December 30, 2014 in Uncategorized
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A couple in love is a symbol of harmony, peace and joy. Their gleaming eyes share some sweet secrets unknown to the rest of the world. They are always so concentrated and focused when together, their love is their meditation, religion and messiah. They are always so engaged with each other as if they belong to a different world altogether, as if they belong to their own sacred world. Their laughter is musical, their exchanges are magical, they are protected and driven by their love. I am spellbound by this sight, by the way they surrender to each and by the sense of completeness which surrounds them.
Each one of them is an angel to the other.



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O daddy I blame you not
For what you gave and what you can’t
But in my eyes the dreams desire
O some direction and some fire.

O daddy you are my favourite man
But I need more to rise and expand
In my thoughts I am a princess divine
That is the world where I rise and shine.

Rags I get and gowns I stitch
to protect my body, soul and dreams
I pick the pieces of shattered glass
To build a tiny palace for my class.

They tease me O daddy and call me names
And I crave for a lavish blissful life
I blame you not for what they say
But I must rise higher one day.

I stand here alone, firm and still
With high-self esteem and pride
To face my destiny, time and the world
To prove the strength of my words.

…O yes my daddy’s poor and I am his elegant daughter!


Posted: April 27, 2014 in Life
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Be your own mate
To love others is a foul play
They will play a hoax on you
You will have nothing to say!

Love yourself like you love them
Play down the thought that they are strong
Bring your strength into play
Do nothing that is wrong!

Don’t put your emotions on show
All they would do is make fun
Show them you are unplayable
You will always win in long run.

This world is playing the fool
Numerous innocent broken hearts
You too play a part in it
Take their ills in good part.

Be your own lover
If you want a relation pure
They will only ail you
This disease is hard to cure.

Be your own company
They are all at play
Better you play your game
Play fair and stay.

Admire them for the way they con
Hit back to shut them up
Get the better of them
Show them their game is up!

Our Own World

Posted: April 14, 2014 in Life, Love
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Life is changing all around us,
there is so much we cannot atone.
The two of us have come together,
To create a world of our own.

Hatred, jealousy, betrayal agony
We have loved some and tested many
We are neither against you nor the world
We cherish our love, pen, and word.

But times have come too hard to bear,
And a change had to be made,
So we created a free standing world,
In which new foundations could be laid.

Our own world,

Where peace sings and joy dances,
Harmony rules and humanity advances.
Where seeds of goodness are carefully sown,
To create a world of our own.

Collaborate with Rik Bertrand.