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Eternal Love

Posted: November 16, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Love Drives

Posted: May 12, 2014 in Life, Love
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A sincere man turned into a dreamer
He dreams all day and night
I asked what made him so
He answered looking into my eyes…

“Love drives me to the weary and shaky woods
With the land trembling beneath my feet
With the destitute time forcing me to wrap
you in my arms and feel your heartbeat.
Wanting to plant soft but firm kiss all over
Want to hold your tender hand
Leave behind the sorrows and worries
And walk on long barren land!
To lift you up and place you on my shoulders
And make you touch the stars
To see your face when the dawn breaks
I love your radiance and your scars.
I want to cover you with peaceful sleep
To enter your soul through your eyes
When the night becomes the darkest
I drink the tranquility of your eyes.
When you become the most vulnerable
I run my hands through your hair
To feel the silk, to feel the heaven
To show you how much I care.
Love drives me to the weary and shaky woods
There is so much to say my dear
But I am lost in the dreams and thoughts
In the world of love I feel no fear.”

Our Own World

Posted: April 14, 2014 in Life, Love
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Life is changing all around us,
there is so much we cannot atone.
The two of us have come together,
To create a world of our own.

Hatred, jealousy, betrayal agony
We have loved some and tested many
We are neither against you nor the world
We cherish our love, pen, and word.

But times have come too hard to bear,
And a change had to be made,
So we created a free standing world,
In which new foundations could be laid.

Our own world,

Where peace sings and joy dances,
Harmony rules and humanity advances.
Where seeds of goodness are carefully sown,
To create a world of our own.

Collaborate with Rik Bertrand.