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Pain of Goodbyes

Posted: June 19, 2015 in Uncategorized
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For a while he stood there gazing painfully into her eyes-
and she listened to the unspoken promises with sorrow and surprise.

She saw him vanishing into the distance and collapsed to the ground. Tears rolled down her cheeks and a beautiful poetry was formed. A poetry which was neither spoken nor written, one just had to have true love in heart to be able to feel it- something which almost everyone present at the airport lacked. People who believe that love can be achieved only by performing certain rituals can never really understand the love Radha-Krishna shared, they can never really know that love is above all these marital rituals. She was least bothered by the reactions of these people on her pathetic condition because for her the love which wasn’t imposed was more pure and precious than the one which was arranged. Her love didn’t need sanctions by priests because she believed in freeing not restricting. The poetry achieved a flow with the flowing tears and for hours she couldn’t feel anything but the pain of goodbye.

Her pain sang a song and she was poetry personified for she had love imprinted all over her soul.


So Much Pain

Posted: May 27, 2014 in Death, Life, Love, Pain
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I am so much in pain today
My dreams all cry
My hopes here die
Waiting for my man
to my love I lie.

I am so much in pain today
Scared of my fears
I wipe out my tears
Calling out to him
This pain my heart bears.

I am so much in pain today
I have a broken heart
Don’t know how to start
When he goes away
My world falls apart.

I am so much in pain today
He has some doubt
And the fights are loud
To make him believe
I speak, scream and shout.

I am so much in pain today
He does not know
The love I show
Is real but he’s rude
I have nowhere to go.

I am so much in pain today
O man don’t go away
In my heart you stay
My pains need you now
This pain you can allay.

I am so much in pain today
But the man is away
It is a restless day
He is not ready to listen and
I have nothing left to say.

If He Must Go

Posted: May 6, 2014 in Death, Life, Love, Pain
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I said don’t go my man
Don’t go for I will die
as the thought crosses my mind
With fear and pain I shiver and cry!

For the love of his nation
He says he must leave
This land is his mother & love
She is prior and supreme!

My lady please be strong
Don’t be so mean and selfish
I promise I will come back
To hug you again, to love & kiss.

Have some compassion on my nerves
My dear man look into my eyes
With pain they shed tears
For your love they try to look nice.

Your Lady is not a warrior
Neither is she a warrior’s wife
She is ready to die for you
But she can’t imagine her life!

I feel so small in this world
He says, I will come back as a man
better than what I am today
Then I will be your mate, your man!

If it is your dream and desire
Then I will say not a word
I said, I am ready to fall
To see you rise in the world.

My man is the soul in this relation
I am just the perishable body
while body is dead without a soul
A soul becomes eternal and free!

If he must go
Then I must leave
Towards the wide sky
To ocean blue and deep!


Posted: April 14, 2014 in Love
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कमजोर कहो तुम उस मिट्टी को
जिसने था तुमको जन्म दिया
और छोड़ चलो परदेस बाबू
ऐसा क्या तुमपर करम किया?

माना रही माहान कभी
अब अबला है बेचारी है
जाने कितने बच्चे इसके
पर बांझ सी इक नारी है।

अब बचा नहीं कुछ खास यहाँ
बस हिंसा है घोटाले है
नैन रहे इसके अंगारें
अब नीर भरे दो प्याले है।

बेबस सी लाचार ये माँ
कहती है मुझको अपनाओ
मेरी ख्याती विश्व सराहे
ए सुपुत्र तुम भी दोहराओ।

अपने सफल भविष्य के खातिर
अनसुनी कर इसकी फरियाद
छोङ चलो परदेस बाबू
ऐसा क्या देगी ये मात?

पैसा ही बस चाहो तुम
और चाहो ना कुछ मेरे सयिय्या
सात समुद्र पार रहो
मझधार मे कर मेरी नयिय्या।

प्रेम मेरा किस काम का
ना शिक्षा न देगा पैसा
दो पल मेरे साथ बिताओ
फिर होगा जाने कब ऐसा।

छोङ चलो मुझको पिया
देखो ना मेरी सूरत
तुम मेरे प्राणो के रखवाले
मैं माटी की मूरत बदसूरत।

जा रहे तुम दूर बहुत
छोङकर बेबस नारी
बूढी माँ और बेचैन माशूका
लगती थी सबसे प्यारी।

ये बाधा और अवरोध लगे
अब बचा ही क्या है इनके पास
छोड़ चलो परदेस पिया
है ही क्या अब इनमें खास?