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Fly High

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When there is a void you can feel
And you know there is a desire
There is something you badly need
There is something you always admire.
Obstacles seem to hinder your way
And you know it’s gonna be so hard
But the pain makes you restless
And passion keeps it alive in your heart.
You keep your hand across your heart
And take a long deep sigh
You pledge to be strong
And that’s how you fly high!


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Not Your Wife

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I am not your wife
I don’t want to be your wife
Not this year nor in this llife
But we shall live under the same roof
And sleep in one warm bed
Feeling the warmth of our bodies
And the pleasure that love-making spreads.
I don’t want to be the wife that
I have come to know by reading fictions and novels
But the lover who is always desirable.
I don’t want to be the one who seems dull and pale
to the husband who loses interest in her
I want to be that body he craves for in the time’s spur
I don’t want to be your wife my man
But we shall have children together
A family we shall have but I only be a lover.
I can’t be your wife but an immortal seductive lover
I wish not to grow old, I will be young forever
Let the man inside you find me new
Each time he explores my body
I can not be rejected just for the the pleasure of a man’s body.

He Is Back

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Staring at the ceiling one dark night
I realized he was back, he was back in my life
And my heart was pounding with pain and fear
Oh how did it happen but I shed no tear
For I was not sad nor was I upset
Just my limbs grew weak just as the sun sets
Believing he was not near or around
I closed my eyes and ignored that sound
That noise and that voice which screamed so loud
Oh yes he was back I could hear her shout
Within no time he appeared and I could see
He was hanging upside down just like my heart
And my world once again was falling apart
He is dark, he is scary, he hides within
Called as depression and the one who owns sins.
Grows at night and proceeds during the day
Under the skin of my body he makes his way
And death comes not to me not to him
We both feel low and lights are dim
Oh yes he is back! I can feel him under my skin.

Celebrating Love

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We often hear and talk a lot about love but I truly believe that there is a need to understand the difference between crush, infatuation and love so that we can save love from all those misinterpretations. It was shocking for me to hear people say that they would never like to fall in love with someone because they feel love gives pain which further causes emotional torment. My heart throbs for such people because I have felt and experienced the power of love and from my own experiences I can tell that  the miracles of love are beyond one’s imagination. One can only feel them. When you place your faith in someone, when you see your world in those two eyes, when you walk into their arms to feel the heaven it is then that you realize that all the peace and happiness that you had been searching for lies in this magical feeling which people call love and you might give a name of your own choice because love is not known by its name, it is known by the way it makes people feel. What do you become when you learn to put someone first, when you learn to care for someone before your own needs and when learn to trust someone blindly? You become what god had made you-a souls, you become a pure soul who is free and young, free enough to let go of your own desires and materialistic pleasure and young enough to shower love on your beloved. This is what true love does to a body which is vulnerable in this corrupt world, this is how love saves a body from stooping down to the level of beasts.
It is not that love which begins at first sight and ends at first fight nor that which loses its charm as the veil is dropped at first night! It is that which can eternalize two souls and immortalize two bodies.


A chapter from my novel (unpublished)


Because I never came across any person who could understand the turmoil that was my real tormentor I believe this to be the sole reason for the development of narcissism in me to an extent that I can overlook and underestimate the entire world when I see the world standing against me on a certain points. This unique trait proves beneficial and harmful, beneficial only when one knows how to handle it and harmful because in most of the cases the individual itself is unaware of the presence of such trait and so fails to use it for their own advantage. The person ends up becoming highly arrogant, egoistic and self-centered which society sees in a negative light somehow.

Anyways, this narcissism or self-obsession became a source of joy and happiness for me in my dark days when sun refused to shine on me and moon refused to embellish my nights but still I never complained because to me it was alright, I, in a way, was growing accustomed to it and in some other way was feeling all-the-more depressed as I was desperately waiting and hoping for the end of this dark era which sadly was not visible anywhere near. But to have this kind of unconditional love for myself helped me get up, dress up and make the show go on on occasions when my body used to feel the most lethargic and my heart most shattered and my brain very stressed. I wonder what I would have done had I not had this love which generates will power and a certain amount of ego which is always required to be able to stand still and keep going. When one wants to succeed just to escape failure, the best probably may not come out but when one runs after success like a crazy lover then success, like a sweet lady love, falls in one’s arms and they mingle so as to associate with each other forever.

World admires flowing rivers but we (self-obsessed people) adore a still pond more because we love to see our reflection anywhere and everywhere. So all the water-bodies become our most favorites and the mirror becomes our consort. It becomes really difficult for me to move my eyes away from a mirror which does not mean that I am very gorgeous or beautiful but it only proves that love is blind and it overlooks all the flaws and follies of the beloved which in turn proves the piousness of love which can never be judgmental. But I can’t stop wondering how amazing it would be, to have a lover like me (of course for me) though I m not really interested but I can imagine it would be heavenly and godly and if ever by any chance my destiny becomes so great and bless me this, I swear I will worship the man and become his miss. Immediately I move away from these thoughts because I know I can never be so lucky in this life, but who knows!! I see my eyes and fall prey to them, I see my smile and forget my sorrows completely, I see my vague reflection and feel ecstatic not because I m a rare beauty or a pure pearl, nor am I a queen of hearts not a dream girl only because I m a dreamy girl who has millions of dreams and billions of desires and I believes in myself the most.

This kind of self-confidence and self-acceptance makes a person very liberal in his own way, very dominating, bold and courageous too. I believe we should all love ourselves truly because in times of scarcity we can have abundant love and so will never starve. Be your own lover, be your own critic. Because nobody knows you better, nobody understands you better, only you know what you feel and what you want, how amazing it would be if you also become your own source. And when I m independent I m fearless and bold but where I have to depend on someone it brings along a lot of fear and insecurity and so my heart shrinks and swells, shrinks and swells and heart-throbbing pain dwells.

Fortunate was Narcissus who died while admiring his own reflection and I will count myself lucky if I die in my own arms one day.

When A Book Comes Alive

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There is so much to learn from her
There is so much to explore
Even her pale, colorless face
is something that I deeply adore.

Her captivating charm pulls me near
I love to touch her and hold her tight
As she sits elegantly in her place
For me it’s a mesmerizing sight.

I look into her and forget myself
Astound by her knowledge and wisdom
I wish she enslaves me forever
My freedom lies in her kingdom.

Don’t just read a book
Make her a part of life
She is much more than a story or poem
Just wait for her to come alive!

Keep Your Passion Alive

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Almost everything seems a bit challenging in the beginning but things become easier as we give time to them and practice. When I first went into the swimming pool I was so sure that I will swim like a fish and fortunately I was doing well till I had a glimpse of the bottom and said ‘wow’ as I saw the beautiful blue and got myself into trouble. I tried to swim but my limbs failed and for a few minutes I kept struggling inside the pool but nobody noticed me while I was crying for help. I realized that I would drown and I decided that if I can’t swim and save myself I won’t even drown but I will sink! Sink into the depths of water and I could feel some peace in sinking down, peace which I had never experienced even at the peaks. My love for water and passion for swimming were two main factors which got me into it but as they say when you truly love something you can’t see its faults or follies. Water, deep and pure just like love, calm and serene just like meditation there was some relief in that suffocation. I imagined myself sinking while my limbs were still struggling.
Just then a little girl came, held my hand and took me out. I could still feel that peaceful suffocation and the water wrapping me in his arms but I was saved.
Nobody dies in love because love can only save and heal, even when it gives pain it is to make you aware of your weakness so that you can overcome them and get over your fears. Love for any body is always pure be it for a human body or water body.
Let no fear kill your passion because just the spark of passion is enough to help you conquer all the hurdles and obstacles.

Kindle the spark inside you.

Give what it takes
Keep your passion alive!

I Am Of My Writings

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Don’t like me for my pictures
Don’t judge by my face
My writings are my identity
They are my grace
When I am lost in the world
I read them again
They have some peace
Even in their pain.