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Broken Pieces

Posted: December 31, 2014 in Uncategorized
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O daddy I blame you not
For what you gave and what you can’t
But in my eyes the dreams desire
O some direction and some fire.

O daddy you are my favourite man
But I need more to rise and expand
In my thoughts I am a princess divine
That is the world where I rise and shine.

Rags I get and gowns I stitch
to protect my body, soul and dreams
I pick the pieces of shattered glass
To build a tiny palace for my class.

They tease me O daddy and call me names
And I crave for a lavish blissful life
I blame you not for what they say
But I must rise higher one day.

I stand here alone, firm and still
With high-self esteem and pride
To face my destiny, time and the world
To prove the strength of my words.

…O yes my daddy’s poor and I am his elegant daughter!