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In love

Posted: December 30, 2014 in Uncategorized
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A couple in love is a symbol of harmony, peace and joy. Their gleaming eyes share some sweet secrets unknown to the rest of the world. They are always so concentrated and focused when together, their love is their meditation, religion and messiah. They are always so engaged with each other as if they belong to a different world altogether, as if they belong to their own sacred world. Their laughter is musical, their exchanges are magical, they are protected and driven by their love. I am spellbound by this sight, by the way they surrender to each and by the sense of completeness which surrounds them.
Each one of them is an angel to the other.



A fair lady from heavens
Was sent to the earth
To poor parents she was born
No celebrations upon her birth!

Like an Angel she was pure
As docile as a gentle lady
To a short tempered mother
She was born to a poor daddy!

As creative as the creator
As magnificent as a starry night
Blessed with a melodious voice
She was beautiful, creative & bright!

Confined to the four walls
Pen and paper, colours and brush
All she had to express her desires
Before they were brutally crushed!

Friends with the moon and stars
She had high desires and big dreams
Ready to light the dark world
As radiant as the bright sun beams.

With thoughts as deep as
With aims as wide as the sky
She was the queen of her own world
A world where cupids freely fly!

Her soul shrieked for peace
She could not find solace
She never felt any belongingness
She never belonged to this place!

She wished she could fly away
This house was not her home
She wished she could be with her mates
These people were not her own!

Her smile was the best curve
Her eyes reflecting eternal pain
She never spoke her heart out
Her heart filled with desires insane!

The singer laments inside her
And the dancer collapsed to ground
She was vulnerable and fragile
She was free in her world yet bound!

Money became her worst enemy
He has a glittery face and crimson hands
With her unfulfilled desires
Like a beggar this fairy stands!

She cursed her fate and cried
Over the desires unfulfilled
She cursed the day she was born
That she was born so skilled!

From heavens she was sent to earth
Nobody ever knew her plight
Her restless soul decided to rest
She left for heavens one night!

But she was thrown back to earth
In the same rough bed she lied
She suffered the worst as a mortal
Until she killed herself and died!