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Smile For Me

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Follow Nature

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Don’t Beg

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How much respect do you think you deserve?
As much respect as is not given to you?
And why do you think you deserve it
When you have to ask people to respect you?

Asking them to behave and be nice
How many lessons will you teach?
Ordering them to follow your commands
Is this you think is a way to preach?

Respect is earned not begged
People will be nice to you if you are
Before you point out the follies of others
Look within and see your own scar!

Either let it be, or be it!

Angels Around

Posted: June 4, 2014 in Life, Love, Nature, Spiritual
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When divinity dominates your heart
You can’t be alone even if you feel lonely
There are angels in the air to protect you
To make you feel warm and homely.

When the entire world has left you alone
And you feel you have nowhere to go
How many souls guard your body
It’s a mystery you never get to know.

So many cupids fly around your world
Protecting your divine love-filled heart
So many angels come to your help
When everyone else is away and apart.

There are angels in the world for people
Who are divine, fragile and pure
No devils no evils can harm your goodness
All the diseases these angels cure.

Blissful Life

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I walk on land &  look at the sky
At the birds that freely fly
With no wonder I gaze at them
The bird inside me ready to fly!

I feel the music, the rhythm divine
And the melodious tune so fine
As I look at the stars and the moon
Wider he smiles and brighter they shine!

There is no lady happier than me
I see colours wherever I see
I am the most fortunate of all
Young, beautiful, loving and free!

All I have is precious and pure
And all that I have I always adore
For this is how I stay happy and calm
Sorrows I dumb and joys I

Live your life the way you wish
Enjoy forever and nothing you miss
When you love people they love you too
Don’t you feel this life is a bliss?

Nightingale Dear

Posted: April 14, 2014 in Nature
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In dark woods I hear your voice
Singing a song for someone near,
How amazing you make him feel
When you sing for him nightingale dear.

Night is wild and so is the way
Yet the soldier feels no fear,
Your lovely voice in deep woods
Reminds him of someone near!

He is not afraid neither alone
He is blessed with strength and flair,
Your company is a bless in curse
Accompany all nightingale dear.

Fireflies guide him path
This delight is truly sheer,
In dark woods you stay alone
Brave you are nightingale dear.

Some connection he feels with you
Your sweet voice intoxicates his ear,
He finds his solace in dark woods
The way you sing nightingale dear.

In dark woods I hear your voice
You always accompany someone there,
Loneliness is true agony
You know so well nightingale dear!