Celebrating Love

Posted: July 25, 2014 in Life, Love
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We often hear and talk a lot about love but I truly believe that there is a need to understand the difference between crush, infatuation and love so that we can save love from all those misinterpretations. It was shocking for me to hear people say that they would never like to fall in love with someone because they feel love gives pain which further causes emotional torment. My heart throbs for such people because I have felt and experienced the power of love and from my own experiences I can tell that  the miracles of love are beyond one’s imagination. One can only feel them. When you place your faith in someone, when you see your world in those two eyes, when you walk into their arms to feel the heaven it is then that you realize that all the peace and happiness that you had been searching for lies in this magical feeling which people call love and you might give a name of your own choice because love is not known by its name, it is known by the way it makes people feel. What do you become when you learn to put someone first, when you learn to care for someone before your own needs and when learn to trust someone blindly? You become what god had made you-a souls, you become a pure soul who is free and young, free enough to let go of your own desires and materialistic pleasure and young enough to shower love on your beloved. This is what true love does to a body which is vulnerable in this corrupt world, this is how love saves a body from stooping down to the level of beasts.
It is not that love which begins at first sight and ends at first fight nor that which loses its charm as the veil is dropped at first night! It is that which can eternalize two souls and immortalize two bodies.

  1. darealztalk says:

    beautifully written my friend

  2. InfiniteZip says:

    beautiful my friend, for some reason it threw your comment in my spam box…not sure why but I found it and love is amazing:) thank you for this my sweet friend:)

    • Priya Pareek says:

      Thank you Kim. Okay I can figure out the reason, in order to share it with more people I shared a link to this post along with my comment on some great posts which I truly liked so that could be a reason when it went to your spam box. I will take care of it from next time.
      Happy to hear from you 🙂

  3. Just Patty says:

    Beautifully written and motivating!
    Lots of love ❤

  4. Love conquers all! A beautiful post you have written here, Priya, thank you so much for inviting me in. Blessings and love to you, always and always ~ Allison

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