When A Book Comes Alive

Posted: July 21, 2014 in Life
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There is so much to learn from her
There is so much to explore
Even her pale, colorless face
is something that I deeply adore.

Her captivating charm pulls me near
I love to touch her and hold her tight
As she sits elegantly in her place
For me it’s a mesmerizing sight.

I look into her and forget myself
Astound by her knowledge and wisdom
I wish she enslaves me forever
My freedom lies in her kingdom.

Don’t just read a book
Make her a part of life
She is much more than a story or poem
Just wait for her to come alive!

  1. henrygame says:

    Elegantly put. Effortless prose and imagination.
    Well done it is a pleasure to read your material

    • Priya Pareek says:

      It’s pleasure to have such good readers here. Thank you Henry and I am glad to have you all in my life. My writings were mere scribbles without such beautiful readers. They have found their true meaning now.

  2. InfiniteZip says:

    ah the joy of getting lost in the words of another:) beautifully put my friend:) splendid:)

  3. Wow !! this is pretty amazing. I must say it had a slow build up but by the time you get to the end the words grow on you. Pleasure reading it Priya. Would love to read more of you and would not mind you having a look at some poetry i wrote at http://kashjaved79.wordpress.com/

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