Peace: The Last Piece

Posted: July 20, 2014 in Death, girl, Innocence, Life, Love, Pain, poetry, writig


One day when I pass away
Oh my dear please don’t cry
Please don’t sob nor mourn
Don’t wonder how or why!

If life is a bliss oh dear, believe
Death is no curse, no misery
Life bounds my breath & beauty
Death only will set me free!

And the day when I will die
Sun will shine brighter, believe
Full moon  will bid a good bye
The auspicious day when I will leave!

All stars will twinkle together
Shine together to say- smile again
A girl has left for the fairyland
Oh people don’t feel the pain!

Let no tear wet you my love
Just a smile remind you of me
Let no moment cause separation
Just a faith bind you and me!

When I die oh dear beloved
Find me somewhere in the dark
Darkness scares you if that day
Imagine me there in the spark!

I’ll be there for you and us
With a crimson dead bleeding heart
I will never leave you alone
Even when the world comes apart!

When I die please don’t cry
Smile you smile in every piece
Don’t sob, don’t ever mourn
Your smile only will bless me peace!

  1. ouropeneyes says:

    Beautiful piece. I just lost my grandfather last week so this is really heartwarming. I look forward to following your site. X

  2. Love it. Very positive. ❤

  3. InfiniteZip says:

    a beautiful post my friend. smiles and peace:)

  4. 89blogs says:

    Beautiful poem! It makes sense that death is more than this short life.

  5. Reblogged this on PreciousSmile☺ and commented:

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