Posted: May 29, 2014 in Death, Life, Love, Pain
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Your love strengthens my soul
And it takes the strength away
It gives me joy and gives me pain
How beautifully you play.

I have never felt so week in love
Like you have now made me feel
You tear apart my holy heart
And my skin you cruelly peel.

Mercy my man pity my love
Have some compassion on my nerve
Place your hand across your heart
and tell is this what I deserve?

You say nothing has changed
And we are still the same
Then why this discord between us
Why is our love so lame?

I collapse to the ground
My body is trembling with pain
My heart is almost dead
I am crying bitterly in rain.

I’ll open my eyes when you come back
Till then on this barren land I will lie
What is there for me in this world
If I don’t have you I wish I die.


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