‘Make Or Break’

Posted: May 18, 2014 in Life, Spiritual
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Past is always glorious
No matter how horrible it was
It’s always nostalgic
No matter how terrific it was.

For it’s a story of gone days
And everything came easy
But present calls for hard work
And you seem too lazy!

Who are not happy in life
and know not how to be
They look back at gone days
With proud they adore and see.

But it’s a shadow I warn
A dark alluring shadow it is
To distract you and divert
It gives you all that you miss.

Come back from that era
And illuminate your present
Make the most out of it
To create you were sent!

Create something O man
Don’t waste your powers
These are the most precious of all
Your lively, youthful hours.

And it will be a past one day
Its a well known mystery
Let it be another dark shadow
Or make it a golden history.

Its all in your hands O man
Let no illusion hinder your way
Become the moon of nights
And be the sun in day!


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