My Fairyland

Posted: May 14, 2014 in Life, Pain, Spiritual
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I am not meant to suffer like this
Very soon I will fly away
To the immortal land of fairies
Where angels too stay!

My soul suffocates inside body
I will soon set this soul free
Leaving behind this mortal world
In my own world I will be.

With my own fellows and fairies
In the clouds I should stay
So near the bright moon
I will be there one day!

My sufferings all will end
and I will get my powers back
Away from these mortal bodies
Who are always ready to attack!

I was a fairy in the magical land
But a curse fell upon me
I was sent to this mortal world
But soon I will be free!

One night the clouds will come
A little down close to me to hold
my hand and I will sit on them
And the stars and moon I behold.

I miss those caring Clouds
I miss that pure glittery sand
I miss my beloved Moon
I will go back to the fairyland.


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