Blissful Life

Posted: April 30, 2014 in Life, Love, Nature, Spiritual
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I walk on land &  look at the sky
At the birds that freely fly
With no wonder I gaze at them
The bird inside me ready to fly!

I feel the music, the rhythm divine
And the melodious tune so fine
As I look at the stars and the moon
Wider he smiles and brighter they shine!

There is no lady happier than me
I see colours wherever I see
I am the most fortunate of all
Young, beautiful, loving and free!

All I have is precious and pure
And all that I have I always adore
For this is how I stay happy and calm
Sorrows I dumb and joys I

Live your life the way you wish
Enjoy forever and nothing you miss
When you love people they love you too
Don’t you feel this life is a bliss?

  1. Ramnish says:

    Very well narrated. .

  2. lovely piece of writing

  3. J M Lysun says:

    I can feel you passion. Keep writing, have fun!

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