Posted: April 27, 2014 in Life
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Be your own mate
To love others is a foul play
They will play a hoax on you
You will have nothing to say!

Love yourself like you love them
Play down the thought that they are strong
Bring your strength into play
Do nothing that is wrong!

Don’t put your emotions on show
All they would do is make fun
Show them you are unplayable
You will always win in long run.

This world is playing the fool
Numerous innocent broken hearts
You too play a part in it
Take their ills in good part.

Be your own lover
If you want a relation pure
They will only ail you
This disease is hard to cure.

Be your own company
They are all at play
Better you play your game
Play fair and stay.

Admire them for the way they con
Hit back to shut them up
Get the better of them
Show them their game is up!


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