Posted: April 21, 2014 in Pain
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I get along with many people
In each face I see you Agony
If I am happy or if I am sad
Its you who is on Agony!

I find me pink or find me blue
Each colour is your shade Agony
Yes you are harsh and painful too
At least you are not fake Agony!

In my tears and in my smiles
Its always a glimpse of you Agony
I don’t mind you in me
For I know you are true Agony!

You are eating me each moment
You are engulfing me slowly
 I accept you are  mine
Though you are rusting me Agony!

Wherever I go, you go with me
You never leave me alone Agony
They think you are dark & yes you are
You teach me to let go all Agony!

I wonder you never shed tears
Tell me something about your agony
You must have some scratches too
For you are also pure Agony!

  1. Really enjoyed reading your poems….hope to read more of your writings

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