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Posted: April 20, 2014 in Spiritual
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The ever serving selfless tree has been considered as a perfect instance of a giver who offers a lot but asks for nothing in return! We enjoy the beauty of nature, its fragrance, fruits and flowers but do we ever try to know the secret behind its beauty and divinity? Do we ever wonder about the quality that makes the tree such a great giver? No! we hardly try to go deep into the topic to understand how it becomes a perfect representative of the community of givers in such a way that though we can argue and debate but nobody can ever negate the fact that a tree is the most selfless of all! Let’s try to unravel this mystery and steal away the secret so that even we can become selfless and serene.

If we try to scrutinize the tree as an individual we understand that when the tree is at nascent stage which means when it’s a seed, the seed only tries to germinate, it expends all its powers to come out of the soil and breathe in fresh air. A selfish rather self-centered seed, which succeeds and develops into a green plant, allows the leaves to flourish because they will make the tree look lively and help it expand. This is how it becomes selflessly-selfish and then it bears fruits, flowers etc. that we consume and sing the praises of the tree which asks nothing in return. But if you try to understand the entire story then you will soon get to believe that the tree does not bear fruits or flowers for people but the tree becomes so naturally.

Likewise, life is not exactly about being selfless but initially one has to be selfish or self-centered in order to become selflessly-selfish and eventually one becomes selfless without putting much effort! Here, it becomes really important to understand what we mean by the term ‘selfish’ because it has always been rejected as a guilt due to some misconceptions aptly attached to it. But being selfish actually means “to keep ‘I’ in mind, it is about understanding one’s own self, own sorrows, own pains, own happiness, own perception. Each single thing that happens to ‘me’ or ‘I’ undergo, ‘I’ need to bring it all to ‘my’ consciousness and for this ‘I’ have to understand the reason for everything that happens to ‘me’. Once ‘I’ understand ‘myself’, I will be able to understand ‘you’ and then ‘I’ can think collectively about ‘us’. One should never ever ignore oneself because if ‘I’ am not happy how will I keep ‘you’ happy? Just like only a person who is at ease and relieved can heal others because a person might be physically with someone but he will mentally remain concerned about his own pain if he is not well. If ‘I’ understand my mechanism, ‘I’ will be able to understand ‘your’ dynamics. That is how ‘I’ is connected to ‘you’. Now, this connection will make ‘me’ keep ‘you’ happy as ’I’ can’t hurt ‘you’ because ‘your’ fallen face upsets ‘me’ and ‘I’ desire to live happily which means ‘I’ am selfish but in such a way that ‘I’ think of ‘myself’ by taking care of ‘you’ and ‘I’ take care of ‘myself’ by keeping ‘you’ happy. Now ‘I’ become selflessly selfish and then whatever ‘I’ will bear will definitely be fruitful for people around, will be something good as it will sink deep into my nature and effortlessly ‘I’ will become selfless.

Selflessness is a quality which shouldn’t be forced but it becomes the nature of the person who bothers to at least look within and understand himself, who can understand this process which initially stresses upon one’s individuality and then the society! In the end it all depends upon one’s thoughts and perspective. The way one perceives and thinks matters a lot.

  1. Uncle Tree says:

    Well-said! Such beautiful sentiments! 🙂 Thank you! Peace and luvz, Uncle Tree

  2. traani says:

    Beautiful, Priya! I love the simple conversational tone in your works! Keep writing dear! And please check out my (largely inferior) works too @


  3. momfawn says:

    Beautifully said. Infinitezip at Peace, Love and Patchouli shared the link to this post with us. – Fawn

    • Priya Pareek says:

      Thank you very much dear friend. I am happy to meet you and yes Infinitezip is great person, while her words are enough to keep me happy and warm, she did me this favour and I am truly thankful to her.
      Keep in touch 🙂

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