Moon And Me

Posted: April 19, 2014 in Love
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Under the dark dense sky in a silent night
I looked up at the glowing moon, a shimmering sight!
And the stars that twinkle, winked their eyes
I wish all nights were so beautiful, need no sunrise!

Clouds cover moon to form spectacular shapes,
The moon reappears and a face it makes.
Enjoying the game of hide and seek,
The night ascends and darkness creeps.

The wind that blows is calm and cool
I wonder what makes this night so beautiful.
Night smiled & blushed & whispered in my ear
It’s all yours, look around & discover my dear!

She touched my cheeks & smiled
The touch was smooth and wild!
A question appeared in her dark eyes
She said to me with much surprise…

“Oh dear! I know your life is darker than I am
Tell me what makes you as interesting as a rhyme?
Your eyes twinkle like these tiny stars
But your crimson heart is heavy, it has scars!

What makes you look so cool despite the pain
This strength is mysterious that you attain!
I can see a secret hidden in your dazzling dark eyes,
Let your lips tell the tale before the sunrise.”

Your questions answered my queries oh night
What makes you glow is my source of light.
You have a beautiful moon which makes you rule
I have my angel which helps me stay cool.

You are proud of your black cz you have moon & twilight
Just like that my man hugs me hard and holds me tight.
My perpetual pain and my eternal sorrow
Will extricate me today or tomorrow!

Like the clouds disappear & leave a clear sky
With this hope, under you I boldly lie.
You and I, O naughty night, share the same story
We both have moon which give us glow & glory.

But do you see some tension in my eyes?
For you, my lady, are an observer so wise.
When moon deserts you, you look a dreadful night
Don’t you miss your beloved when stars shine bright?

I am afraid my moon will desert me for ever
What will become of me I don’t see a full moon ever?
And the night looked down, she felt my pain
Our eyes welled up & it started to rain!



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