Posted: April 14, 2014 in Life, Spiritual
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Can you see the sun that shines over your head?

Does that red spark remind you of blood shed?

If you are scared and quiet and numb

If you look upset they will call you a dumb.

And it scares me like it scares you and I shiver

Shivers the wind and the land and the holly river!

Look up at the sky, can you see the sun that shines?

The shine is a spark of you and so is mine.

Still if you close your eyes and see its dark,

If you go to sleep and avoid this spark

You would get up some day and time will say

We both are old and older is the day!

When you start to count on your breath,

You would see the day closer to your death.

But if you are stubborn and don’t want it to come true

Worship your heart and soul and the God in you.

Before you look up at the sky, I suggest you to look down

Look at this holy land and sand and exotic town.

Time is here and the grasses are green with fresh dew

Get up and begin the show, nature is young and young is you.

You can see the sun that shines over your head,

How long will you mourn for those who are dead?

Time doesn’t mourn, it passes and keeps going,

You can’t cease, you are older and keep growing.

So before you see its lost and too late,

Start you VOYAGE oh my god’s dear mate.


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