Man And Mate

Posted: April 14, 2014 in Uncategorized


I am a man
A son, a brother, a daddy
I know what I mean
to my sweet lovely lady!

I know she is tender
I know she is fragile
I know I am stronger
while the lady is docile.

But I surrender to her tenderness
For I like to be punished
When she loves me like that
I am a home well furnished!

I like it when she hits me
And like a baby she cares more
My lady is a darling
The one I most adore.

She is sensitive she is soft
She cries for no reason
her eyes are always flooded
Her tears know no season!

I know I can control her
But I like to set her free
My heart is a garden
She is a small buzzing bee.

She is the charm of my house
Her voice rings like a Christmas bell
when she is dull and blue
It all feels like a hell!

She is deep and divine
She is pious and pure
She heels all my pains
There is nothing she can’t cure!

I know I am a man
She is my mate, my beauty
I wrap her in my arms
She is my love my duty!

She is my baby she is my kid
I am a man much mature
I keep her close to my bosom
As she must feel secure.

I am a man
A son, a father, a spouse
I have a holy angel
In my sweet little house!


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