God Bless

Posted: April 14, 2014 in Uncategorized

gbShivering soul screams loud
Faded faces in the crowd
heart-shaking crimson red
Mind numbing peculiar dread!

Oh god I ask where you are
Above the clouds or somewhere far?
With numb mind and heavy heart
I bend down and beg your part!

I heard you are kind and great
You are divine, you create.
Help my people help the being
Rule thou god be the king!

This massacre and cruelty
Your unfair game against humanity
There’s no Mersey, no love, no rule
Unkind people, harsh and cruel!

I cry hard to make you hear
hold my hand & shoo away my fear
Pity my Lord pity us all
Save us lord before we fall!

Hold our string, lead and guide
Kill the devil that rests inside
O god help and bless us all
I beg today I am ready to fall!

Bless them sense and take my wits
bless their whole and take my bits
take my breath and life too
Take my soul if this can do!


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